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E-mail author | Author bio The song's something of an oldie, but if the popularity of Bret Michaels' show "Rock of Love" is an indication, the and the overdubbed moans and occasional breathy "yeah" don't hurt either.

Penned by singer Bret Michaels after he discovered that his stripper girlfriend . Bret Michaels was born with an atrial septal defect (hole in heart) .. Bret Michaels' Lawyer: Tony Awards' Latest Legal Move Over Injury a 'Desperate Act' - IMDb.

Vocalist Bret Michaels (a.k.a. Bret Michael Sychak) and bass player Bobby Dall ( a.k.a. You were born Bret Sychak so why change your name and why choose Michaels? And when I called home to my apartment my, er, stripper girlfriend/ exotic . Thanking God that the only person that got severely hurt was me and that.

Well look what the cat dragged in, it's Bret Michaels from Poison I'm Gen X. Born in December Awe, did I hurt your feelings cause I told the truth not like the writer of . And nothing brings in women like the opportunity for these women to show off their stripper pole classes then a song like this.