Potty Training using the Naked Method - naked potty


I Tried The 3-Day Potty Training Method & Here's How It Went naked potty

Here is a summary of the two-day method of potty training (or three-day method, whatever you want to . Except, naked in the “safe area” and going to the potty.

What if all it took to potty train your toddler was $75 and days of running around the house naked? According to parenting author and.

We did the naked method, and my son will go to the potty no problem when he is home and naked. However, if he's wearing a pull up, underwater, or p.

Since the first two days of naked toilet time had gone so smoothly (only a couple accidents), we designated day three to be Underwear Day.

Get your kid naked, in an oversize t-shirt or big kid underwear and explain there is no diaper to catch the pee-pee or poop, so he has to put it in the potty.