The Nude Mouse as Model for Liver Deficiency Study and Treatment and Xenotransplantation - nude mouse liver


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Oct 31, We aimed at reviewing the various uses of Nude mouse for the development of liver deficiency models and evaluation of efficacy of hepatic cell.

J Natl Cancer Inst. Dec;77(6) Experimental nude mouse model of human colorectal cancer liver metastases. Giavazzi R, Jessup JM, Campbell DE, .

Outbred homozygous nude (Foxn1nu/Foxn1nu) mice are the standard in vivo model for drug efficacy testing in oncology. Nude mice are athymic and hairless as.

The two main defects of mice homozygous for the nude spontaneous mutation ( Foxn1 nu, formerly Hfh11 nu) are abnormal hair growth and defective.

NCr nude mice are the standard athymic model for National Cancer Institute (NCI ) studies as well as many Liver, g, ± , ± Spleen/.