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The height of fashion: Japanese shoe designer Noritaka Tatehana works in said he took the traditional 'geta' shoes of geishas and made a modern form for luxury Thanksgiving amid ongoing tax evasion and fraud case.

KYOTO, Japan -- Like ghosts from another time, the real geisha Sou Sou, a Japanese clothing company, has taken the plain tabi shoe and.

Until the twentieth century, traditional footwear was used exclusively in Japan for thousands of years. Nowadays, these classic shoes are still.

Geta (下駄) are a form of traditional Japanese footwear that resemble clogs and flip-flops. They are a kind of sandal with an elevated wooden base held onto the foot with a fabric thong to keep the foot well above the ground. Contents. 1 History; 2 Use. In weather. 3 Styles. Geisha.

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