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I just don't like wading through pages of arguments. This site is for reports on where there is good fun to be had, right? I wish I could travel to the.

Illegal Lady Marmalade Parties aka LMP are (1) Controlling prostitution for financial gain (2) Money Laundering (3) Keeping a Brothel. Good afternoon @MPSWestminster, hope you close down the illegal sex parties of LMP soon. Illegal Sex Parties in the heart of Westminster.

Profile - This week the theme is EROTIC BELLY DANCERS and we have two special treats for you. Joining us Wednesday will be the internationally renowned .

Mongering is my hobby but I have always stayed with the one in one scene. I am in London for the day tomorrow and wanted to experience an.

I've been 70+ times to LMP, the vast majority of parties have been good to excellent - for all sorts of reasons, Snogging a girl as 2 others sucked.