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Lumps and swellings in the testicle are typically harmless, although some can be a sign of testicular cancer. Regular self-exams can help spot.

Hello, i'm new to this site and i really need some advice. I've had a lump on the bottom left testicle for about nearly 2 years, but i've been too.

most common testicular cancer symptom is a lump or a swelling in your testicle. a sensation of heaviness in your scrotum or bloating in your lower abdomen.

The most common sign is swelling or a lump in a testicle that doesn't cause pain. Pain, discomfort, or a dull ache in the testicles, scrotum, lower belly, or groin.

A lump on your testicle is a sign of a problem with your testicles but can vary in the severity of the underlying cause. We explain the symptoms of a testicle lump, .