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Semen Analysis | The Sperm Bank of California average sperm per cubic centimeter

sperm per cubic centimeter of the semen of these childless men it was thought that normal number of motile sperm if he produced 40 million or more per cubic .

T.m STANDARDS established for normal fertile semen vary with different observers . The sperm count per cubic centimeter was determined, after thorough.

SPERM COUNTS AND STERILITY November 8, page , that the normal range of sperms per cubic centimeter of semen is from 60 million to million and.

Normal volume is cc. Count is concentration of sperm measured in millions of sperm per cubic centimeter. Normal is 20 million/cc or greater. Motility is the.

of semen (i.e., in motility and normal form) with repeated ejaculations, since older sperm The counts per cubic centimeter showed the same trend as the total.