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Sex and the City: Music from the HBO Series is the soundtrack to the HBO series Sex and the City. It was released on June 6, , by Sire Records.

Decluttered version of my hour-long complete soundtrack. This playlist includes only the most memorable songs and various other Ambient/Bossa Nova/Electronic tracks that stand out to me personally. More by Marlene Rosenthal.

Carrie is being photographed for Vogue, wearing many designer wedding dresses; (repeats) End credits, third song. Free for All (Soundstream Remix with Paul St. Hilaire) At the rehearsal dinner, Samantha tells Miranda that Steve is there and wants to talk to her.

Find all 89 songs featured in Sex and the City, listed by episode with scene what is the opening piece of music for SATC season 6 episode 10 - not listed more.

Today is the 20th anniversary of Sex And The City's premiere on HBO, and you know what that means: think-pieces!.