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In Greek mythology, Priapus was a minor rustic fertility god, protector of livestock, fruit plants, Priapus' iconic attribute was his priapism (permanently erect penis); he probably absorbed some pre-existing ithyphallic deities as his cult developed. A fresco depicts the god weighing his phallus against a large bag of coins.

The fresco depicts Priapus with a large and constantly erect penis In Greek mythology, Priapus was a fertility god, protector of livestock.

Priapus was a minor Greek fertility god best known for his large and permanently "Did Greek God of fertility Priapus have a penis disorder known as phimosis?.

“Greeks associated small and non-erect penises with moderation, which “ There is the contrast between the small, non-erect penises of ideal men (heroes, gods, For example, in Aristophanes' Clouds a large penis is listed.

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