Morphine sex-dependently induced place conditioning in adult Wistar rats. - Abstract - Europe PMC - morphine sex


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J Pain. Feb;6(2) Morphine responses and experimental pain: sex differences in side effects and cardiovascular responses but not analgesia.

METHODS: Young healthy men and women (10 of each sex) received intravenous morphine (bolus mg/kg dose followed by an infusion of mg . kg

Therefore we designed this study to obtain information about the influence of sex on morphine-induced respiratory depression. The influence of intravenous.

10 This approach enabled us to determine if putative sex-related differences in morphine analgesia have a pharmacokinetic (sex differences in morphine, M6G, .

To further characterize sex differences in responses to opioids, the analgesic effects of intravenous morphine ( mg/kg) were determined in healthy women (n.