- premarital sex survey questionnaires examples


premarital sex survey questionnaires examples

A non-permissive attitude towards premarital sex is common among conservative The final set of Youth Sexual Intention Questionnaire (YSI-Q) consists of This was done on the second independent group of samples.

Please take the survey titled "Thoughts on Premarital Sex". For example, researchers have discovered that younger cohorts of adults tend to be more.

The questionnaire will yield information on the following . Belief in female/male pre-marital virginity .. Can you read, for example, a newspaper? Yes. 1.

Does religious involvment reduce premarital sex. Premarital Sex Survey, Guides, Projects, Research for Research Questionnaire: 1.

survey questionnaire was administered to the one hundred twenty college students as regards to premarital sex and thus this study is conducted. . The researchers desire to clarify this definition since it sounds confusing to the mind.