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When a man puts an elastic band around his ball bag to keep his penis erect by cutting the flow of blood to his penis.

You need wide soft rubber bands not the thin snappy ones. After a while buy some decent ball stretchers and weights and start off at a level you're comfortable with following your rubber band . Will it cause any problem during sex?.

She wants to tie a band really tight around the tubes and then give me head. She's into some bondage and this is a fantasy of hers. I want to please her but I'm .

Tried this out tonight and it's AMAZING!!!!!! Firstly, get hard. Then get a medium sized rubber band and put it around your dick and balls so it is a ring around your .

Rubber Band Balls And Paper People · rubber-band-ball-blog sex drive In 1x01 Amy has the rubber band ball in her hand while Terry gives a run down of the.