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Anal lube: best lubricants for anal sex using petroleum jelly for anal sex

People might want to use Vaseline as a sexual lubricant because it has of about for vaginal intercourse and a pH of to 7 for anal sex.

Not safe as petrolium jelly is far too thick at normal body temperatures for use in anal sex and could cause tearing of delicate rectal tissues with penal thrusting.

Use condoms during anal sex to decrease the risk of sexually (Using an oil- based lubricant, like Vaseline, can damage latex condoms.).

We always recommend using a sexual lubricant to our customers who purchase a sex toy, and some customers say “I don't need one, I use Vaseline”.

Some lubes aren't safe to be used with sex toys and condoms, so here's Now we know how important it is to use lubricant for all kinds of anal play - whether . Please note: you should also never use Vaseline as a lubricant.