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4 days ago At 7'1", Wilt Chamberlain may have been the most dominating and In it, the basketball great claimed to have slept with 20, different.

Almost twenty years after his death, Wilt Chamberlain is famous for his is the claim, in his memoir A View from Above, that he had slept.

Wilton Norman Chamberlain was an American basketball player who played as a center and is the Destroyer. He was a lifelong bachelor and became notorious for his claim of having had sexual relations with as many as 20, women.

In his book A View From Above, Wilt Chamberlain claimed he'd slept with women over the course of his career. Also known as Wilt.

No. Even Wilt at times suggested it was an exaggeration. He apparently said on one occasion “what is a decimal point between friends?” Some long time friends .