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Sharp - Sidekick Cell Phone SIDEKICKID Reviews – sidekick 3 camera sucks

Reading positive reviews of the Sidekick 3 has been like reading positive reviews of If you're going to have an MP3 player (and a megapixel camera), you need . Maybe I've just been in a bad mood for the last month.

Many of you may recall my recent rants about the Sidekick 3 and how much it sucked ass. That was just a trimmed down SK2 sans camera.

I FINALLY upgraded from my baby the Sidekick 3 *tear* LOL BUT I MUST . only about 10 pictures if you don't have a memory card:/ The camera resolution is.

Call it what you want – T-Mobile Sidekick 3, Danger Sidekick, Sidekick . resolution is pretty decent for what is, essentially, a phone camera.

i have a blackberry curve and my friend is getting a sidekick 3, i am comletely in love with my bb but me and my best The cameras sucks.