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Powerlifting: Singapore teen sets new sub-junior squat world record - CNA teen world record squat

Swanson, who already holds the world record in the bench press He holds state and national records in the squat, dead lift and bench press.

A strategic move to pile on the weights on his third try led to the year-old breaking the squat sub-junior powerlifting world record. BELARUS: Singaporean powerlifter Matthew Yap set a new squat world record in the Underkg sub-junior category on Sunday (Jun 18).

Pena squatted what would be an IPF Sub-Junior would record with a 1, lb equipped back squat. Keep in mind, he's 18 and currently a.

Record-Breaking Teen Powerlifter Calls Pound Squat 'Just 'Lord of the Cold' Skydives Half-Naked to Set World Record in Russia.

SINGAPORE - Singapore teenager Matthew Yap broke the world squat record in the men's Underkg sub-junior division at the World Classic.