Virginia Adolescent Reproductive Health Facts | - virginia state laws for teen pregnancy


§ Authority to consent to surgical and medical treatment of certain minors virginia state laws for teen pregnancy

State-level data related to reproductive health and teen pregnancy.

Understanding Virginia's Parental Consent Law gives you some specific Questions and Answers on the abortion option relative to state consent laws.

Even though you're still a teenager (and probably still a minor under the control of your parents), getting an abortion may still be an option for you. It is legal.

concerns substance dad mom feedback teen health virginia communication social issues adult minor . do i have to tell the baby's father if i have an abortion ? Can anyone make me have an Virginia state law does require that labs.

Medical or health services required in case of birth control, pregnancy or family planning (2) Virginia State Agency Regulation 12VAC If a minor has consented to treatment under a state law that allows for it [as in Virginia], the .