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Harmonization could be the answer! Harmonies will add complexity to your riffs, and it's very easy to do! Create a riff. Memorize it and the.

They're all known for their two-part-harmony guitar solos. Okay, so the Beatles mainly did it in “Nowhere Man” and “And Your Bird Can Sing,”.

The mode most closely associated with blues is Mixolydian, as the I, IV and V chords in a standard blues progression are all dominant seven.

The very first thing to decide when building guitar harmonies is what scale to use. The vast Now let's add our first harmony line, or secondary part. . Give your fingers a workout with this monster three-notes-per-string lick. 2.

Bands like Iron Maiden and Dragon Force utilize harmonized riffs and solos in almost every song they play and I strongly encourage you to check them out.