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This celebrated variety derives from a bud mutation of Pinot Noir. Pinot Grigio favours cooler climates and finds its ideal habitat on the hillsides. Livio Felluga's .

Italy – the home of Moscato, Chianti, Amarone and Prosecco – has a rich and diverse wine herita Stores and prices for ' Fontana Candida Pinot Grigio.

Critics have scored this wine 87 points. Users have rated this wine 3 out of 5 stars . Stores and prices for ' Cavit Bottega Vinai Pinot Grigio Trentino.

A zippy, lively nose of citrus and lemon leads this simple but enjoyable wine from Moldova, and on the tongue, the clean flavors continue.

A cool vintage resulted in good acids in this polished PG, which shows long hangtime flavors of fresh fruits, berries and spices. It's a savory.