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I didn't hurt or force the dog. He was happy to do it. And don't tell me that "animals can't consent" bullshit. I merely offered the dog a chance to lick my cock and.

Never did it before (mainly because my first dog wouldn't do it). It lasted for about twenty minutes. But the thing wasand this is why I made this.

My friend told me that he have seen a video in which a dog is sucking cock I had a lab and she would lick my dick, balls, and ass until I came.

Hi, sometimes, my dog lick a little bit peanut butter on my dick and near of my anus. I would like to know if I could catch HIV or HPV?? I will.

i'm 21 yr old male i'm scare because yesterday dog lick my penis is it normal? causing any disease pls tell me possibility of disease like HIV.