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Most were something, good-looking, well-dressed Manhattan professionals. . usually a man, but often not her lover, will remain fully clothed. She had been skirting orgasm for perhaps 15 minutes without ever climaxing.

Signs That A Woman Has Climaxed: How To Tell If She Orgasms But I don't think that's quite true – not everyone has a noisy orgasm, and it can .. not lover) gives me orgasms just by looking at me and even fully clothed.

Real women reveal what it was like the very first time they ever had an orgasm. "It was during a fully-clothed makeout with a boyfriend.

But "get it" she did, and she is now a true believer. One way is to hold hands, maintain eye contact, and breathe together, fully clothed. "It can.

It's fascinating that spontaneous orgasms—meaning sexual climaxes occurring I was fully clothed, lying on an examining table on my back. [When the doctor told me I could sit up, I immediately had] a very strong climax.