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Why did Fender ever change from vintage style tuning pegs? vintage style tuning

Hi All, New guy here. Member of sister site Gretsch Talk. Looking for the best quality vintage style tuners for my FSR Ash tele. The stock sealed.

Grover vintage tuners and Gotoh Kluson Style vintage tuners.

That is, except one of my guitars, my Squier CVC comes with vintage style pegheads, where you just cut the string to a certain length, push.

Although it is possible to upgrade or change out tuning machines, you should The diameter of the mounting hole on the headstock for our vintage style tuners.

Vintage Style Tuners @ WD Music. Kluson 3+3 Double Ring Button - Locking Tuner- Double Line. RRP £ $ 79,01 € £ $ 65,84 €.